Glass Ionomer Core Build Material

A silver reinforced glass ionomer specifically developed and enhanced for core build ups. 

This material proves excellent for constructing crown supporting cores where there is not enough natural tooth substance remaining. Being a glass ionomer it will chemically adhere to the remaining tooth structure and metal and the addition of a silver alloy gives great strength to support the crown.

Exceptional strength Strong cores
Good Radiopacity Shows clearly under x-ray
Adheres chemically to the tooth structure Minimal tooth preparation
High wear and erosion resistance Durable cores
Easy mixing To reduce surgery time
Low thermal conductivity and expansion Reacts similar to natural tooth


Product indications

  • For the construction of cores for placement
  • Base under amalgam and posterior composite restorative

Typical properties

Working timeNet Setting TimeCompressive strength
ISO9917-1:2007 Class 4.2.b and c

1 min 30 secs – 6 mins

100MPa Minimum

Glass Ionomer Core Build Material 1 min 40 secs (Min) 2 mins 30 secs 200MPa (Min)



5 years from the date of manufacture when supplied in AHL’s standard packaging

Ordering information

Available inCode
10g powder/5ml liquid  025XPL


More information about the product is available in Product Data Sheet here.

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