Glass Ionomer Aesthetic Posterior Restorative

Glass Ionomer Aesthetic Posterior Restorative

A high strength, general purpose direct aesthetic restorative. 

An enhanced glass ionomer filling material, which has been developed for minimal intervention dentistry. Ideal for use in posterior situations where aesthetics are of prime concern. 

Available in two formats: powder/liquid and capsules (coming soon).

Superb translucency Excellent appearance
Aesthetic match to natural tooth Visually superior
VITA® shading Good colour matching
Contains fluorescent additive Matches enamel fluorescence
High compressive strength Durable restorations
Radiopaque Shows on patient x-rays
Packable consistency For ease of use
Excellent biocompatibility Minimal pulpal reaction
Adheres chemically to tooth structure No need to etch or bond
Low solubility For prolonged life


Product indications

  • Minimal Intervention (MI) treatment
  • ART Technique
  • Suitable for class I and II cavities in the adult dentition (non-load bearing)
  • Geriatric and Paediatric restoration classes I, II, III, V cavities
  • Final restorative for deciduous teeth
  • Intermediate restorative for heavy stress cavities
  • Sealing of pits and fissures Base and lining material


Typical properties

Working timeSetting timeCompressive strengthShear bond strengthAcid erosionSolubility (mm/hr)Radiopacity (mm)
ISO9917-1:2007(E) Classes B & C 1 min 30 sec – 6 mins 100 MPa 0.17 max
Aesthetic Posterior Glass Ionomer Restorative 2 mins 3 mins 10 secs 260MPA 4.0 MPa (To Bovine enamel & dentine) 0.0038 0.8% 2.5



3 years from the date of manufacture when supplied in AHL’s standard packaging.


Ordering information

Available inCode
Powder/liquid type 10g/5ml A2 276XA2
Powder/liquid type 10g/5ml A3.5 276XA3.5
Capsules (x50) A2 (coming soon) 328XA2
Capsules (x50) A3 (coming soon) 328XA3
Capsules (x50) A3.5 (coming soon) 328XA3.5


More information about the product is available in Product Data Sheet here.

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