Glass Ionomer Aesthetic Filling Material

Advanced Healthcare’s range of aesthetic glass ionomer restoratives are renowned for their high quality and excellent physical properties. 

Based on a particularly translucent alumino-silicate glass, these restoratives offer excellent aesthetics without any compromise in strength and wear resistance. 

Available in three formats: powder/liquid; humid stable powder/liquid (developed for use in hot and humid climates, packable consistency); water mix (never run out of liquid, packable consistency).

Excellent early translucency Superior aesthetics
Exceptional strength Long lasting restorations
Packable consistency For ease of handling
High wear and erosion resistance Durable restorations
8 VITA® shades* Excellent tooth matching
Easy mixing To reduce surgery time

 *Other shades to special order


Product Indications

  • Class V cavities (particularly erosion lesions)
  • Class III cavities
  • Posterior cavities in deciduous teeth
  • 'Sticky' pits and fissures
  • ART Technique

Typical properties

 Working TimeNet Setting TimeCompressive StrengthOpacity
ISO9917-1:2007 Class 4.2.c 1 min 30 secs – 6 mins 130MPa Minimum C0.70 = 0.35 – 0.90
Glass Ionomer Aesthetic Filling Material – Powder/Liquid 1 min 57 secs 2 min 32 secs 258MPa  
Glass Ionomer Aesthetic Filling Material – Humid Stable
1 min 40 secs 2 mins 15 secs 228MPa C0.70 = 0.55
Glass Ionomer Aesthetic Filling Material – Water Mix
1 min 35 secs – 2 mins 05 secs 2 min 15 secs – 2 mins 35 secs 245MPa  



3 years from the date of manufacture when supplied in AHL’s standard packaging.

Ordering information

Available inCodeStandard Shades (Add to Code)
Powder/liquid type 10g/5ml 125X6 A1, A2, A3, A3.5
Humid Stable Powder/Liquid Type 10g/5ml 261_XPL A1, A2, A3, A3.5


Available inCodeStandard Shades (Add to Code)Regular or express setting speed (Add code)
Water Mix (any shade/speed) 10g 012_X L, LY, U, LG, BY, YG, DYG Regular - R, Express - E


More information about the product is available in Product Data Sheets below.

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