Orthodontic Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

Orthodontic Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

A glass ionomer luting cement specially optimised for use in orthodontic procedures.

It adheres chemically to both tooth substance and non-precious metals to optimise retention. Rapidly increasing pH during setting provides the cement with excellent biocompatibility. The material contains a high level of fluoride helping prevent the build up of plaque. The glass component is finely ground and sieved to produce an average particle size of less than 5 microns (<5μm) – This ensures a very low film thickness and excellent results in the cementation of orthodontic brackets and bands.


Exceptional strength Durable cementations
Contains a high level of fluoride  Helping prevent the build up of plaque
Easy mixing To reduce surgery time 
Excellent biocompatibility Minimal pulpal reaction 


Product indications

  • Orthodontic cementation of brackets and crowns.
  • Base or lining material under composite, amalgam and glass ionomer filling material.
  • Temporary filling material.
  • Cementation of tooth jewellery.


Typical properties

 Working timeNet setting timeCompressive strengthLactic acid erosionFilm thickness
ISO9917-1:2007 Class 4.2 a 1 min 30 secs 1 min 30 sec – 8 mins 50MPa Minimum 0.17 mm/hr Maximum 25μm maximum
Orthodontic Glass Ionomer Luting Cement 3 mins 40 secs 3 mins 35 secs 122MPa 0.0068 mm/hr 17μm



2 years from date of manufacture, when supplied in standard AHL packaging.


Ordering information

Available inCode
Water Mix 30g  208X1W


More information about the product is available in Product Data Sheet here.

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