AMALGOMER - an introduction


AMALGOMER Technology is the latest innovation in restorative dentistry. For the first time the strength of a classic amalgam restorative has been combined with the aesthetics and the many other advantages of Glass Ionomers. 

In short AMALGOMER is the world's first GIC to pass the ISO strength test requirements for amalgam (ISO1559:2001) as well as that of the GIC standard (ISO9917:1991).

Some of the features of AMALGOMER are as follows:

  • Designed to match the strength and durability of amalgam
  • Superb aesthetics, Industry standard shading
  • Minimal cavity preparation
  • Natural adhesion to tooth structure, Good biocompatibility
  • Hard, snappy chemical set with good working time
  • Water mix and Powder/Liquid versions available
  • No shrinkage, corrosion, expansion or thermal conductivity problems associated with other filling material


Typical properties

 Working TimeClinical Setting TimeCompressive StrengthDimensional StabilityCreep
   1 hour24 hours  
ISO 1559:2001 (Amalgam Specification) 50 MPa minimum 300 MPa minimum -0.15 to +0.20% 3% maximum
AMALGOMER (typical) Minimum 1 minute 20 seconds from start of mix at 22-24°C Maximum 3 minutes 30 seconds from end of mix 164 MPa 323 MPa +0.10% <0.05%



 Compressive StrengthYoung's ModulousFlexural StrengthTensile Strength
GI Specification 130 MPa
Amalgam Specification 300 MPa
Typical GIC 50 MPa GPa 10 MPa 9 MPa
Leading Competitor GIC 245 MPa 11 GPa 25 MPa 14 MPa
AMALGOMER (typical) 323 MPa 13.1 GPa 38 MPa 21.5 MPa
Dentine   14.7 GPa


 More information about the product is available here.

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