AHfil LC Resin Modified Restorative Material Capsules

AHfil LC

AHfil glass ionomer filling materials are manufactured using translucent alumina-silicate glass that offers excellent aesthetics without compromising on strength and wear resistance.

Features of AHfil LC light curing resin modified restorative material:

  • Indicated for Class V and single surface Class I and II cavities in adults
  • Ideal for cervical lesions, ”sandwich” restorations, ART, MI and where cariostatic activity is required
  • High flexural strength
  • Easily mixed with smooth texture, and radiopaque


Ordering information

50 x Single use capsules

Available inCode
A2 AH0310 A2
A3 AH0311 A3


More information about the product is available in Product Data Sheet here.

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