AHfil Anterior Restorative Material

AHfil Anterior Restorative Material

AHfil glass ionomer filling materials are manufactured using translucent alumina-silicate glass that offers excellent aesthetics without compromising on strength and wear resistance.

AHfil anterior restorative material delivers superb translucency and has excellent biocompatibility with minimal pulp sensitivity. It has a CTE close to that of natural dentition and superior bond strength.

  • Indicated for Class III or V cavities
  • Optimum working and setting time
  • Easy mixing and handling


Ordering information

Powder/Liquid 15gm/7ml

Available inCode
A1  AH0001 A1
A2 AH0002 A2
A3 AH0003 A3
A3.5 AH0004 A3.5

Includes mixing pad and scoop.

Please contact us for capsule codes.

More information about the product is available in Product Data Sheet  here.

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