reliaFIL LC Composite Filling Material Syringe

reliaFIL LC

reliaFIL LC is AHL's universal light cured composite filling material. Using advanced particle technology we have developed a “nano hybrid” composite material. It has excellent wear resistance and superb aesthetics.

reliaFIL LC received 4-star rating from the Dental Advisor 

4 star 500

Ordering information

Syringe 4g

Available inCode
A1 AH0800
A2  AH0801
A3  AH0802
A3.5  AH0803
A4  AH0804
B1  AH0805
B2 AH0806
C2 AH0807
BW AH0808
A20 AH0809
A30 AH0810
INC AH0811


Flowable light cure composite material is also available in High and Low flow version in syringe only.


More information about the product is available in Product Data Sheet here.

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